Rick Whitfield - Production Designer (Vancouver, BC)
Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent

Production Design is essential to storytelling in film. Colour, texture, and scale of space are some design elements that are used to support the story and its characters. Another important (and seldom contemplated) aspect to Production Design is eliminating visual distractions that may pull the audience away from the story being told. As with many artistic disciplines in film, excellent design is seemless to the telling of the story, and brings the characters to life.

Production Design +

  • Set design with formal training in building design and technology
  • 3D modelling and design drawings for construction
  • Graphic artistry allows seamless continuity with overall design of project
  • Research - all aspects of the project are heavily researched - theme, locations, character types
  • Budget tracking throughout the run of the show, and never allowing cost over-runs
  • A full understanding and broad experience in the work details that make up the whole
  • Collaboration - communicating the vision to the creative keys to get the most out of the final look
Production Design & Art Direction Reel:

Production Reel

2015/16 Production Design Work Reel:

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