Laneway Homes
Cities throughout the Lower Mainland are recognizing the need to densify. Making use of a property's rear yard and lane just makes sense. The City of Vancouver has led the way in creating formal allowances for building these types of homes, but others allow the concept as part of their growth stategies, and allow them on a case by case basis.

- 750 sf two bedroom plus garage
- Innovative use of recycled building materials
- Bedroom balcony
- Green roof option

Laneway Home
BC Laneway Home

Modular Contemporary Design can be applied to Row Homes

- 500 sf one bedroom plus garage
- Vaulted ceiling
- Sustainable and recycled building materials
- Green roof and roof deck options

Custom Laneway Home Design suited to your property

- Designed for 50' + wide lots
- 707 sf two bedroom plus garage
- 2 storey building with balcony(s)
- Designed for prefabrication
- Energy efficient building envelope

LWH 707 sf

LWH 50' Lot

Custom Laneway Home Design suited to your property
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