Gage Hudson Reis Whitfield, Esq.

Gage - A unique name, I think. I have only ever heard of one Gage. He was one of the boys my mom used to nanny for back in 2000 (I was only a faint hope in her eyes). Gage Allard was (is) a great kid, and my mom asked for his and his mother's blessing before she used it. My mom and dad contemplated long and hard for a short, strong name that was difficult to shorten, or play with (Call me Gagey and you'll have to answer the bell, my friend).

Hudson - While I was in New York City, I couldn't help but think of the Hudson River. Hudson also has a strong history in Canada, and also means "Son of Richard". That's my dad. My mom later told me that she had a vivid dream that my name was Hudson. That was me!

Reis - My dad's been taking a lot of flak over this one. It's been hard for him to explain easily, so I'll give it a shot. In his extensive reading of ancient civilizations - and the glaring mystery of where and when the first intelligent ones were - my dad came across Piri Reis. He was a Turkish military naval leader (Reis actually means captain, or admiral) that was a top cartographer of his time. He studied and collected ancient charts from places like Constantinople and Alexandria, and created a map based on these in 1513. It was found in 1929, and is a startling mystery. The map clearly shows an accurate Antarctic land mass, which has been covered in ice for at least 6000 years, and parts of Africa and South Ameria. Who was capable of mapping this well, that long ago? When I get older, I'd like to find out.