Home Design Services - for BC and beyond
The only important thing about design is how it relates to people - Victor Papanek
Designing space goes beyond just the planning and structure of it. There is an art to having the idea of a space, and turning it into a reality. Versatile Design Works can draw on the art of design as well as experience in how people interact with their environment, to combine custom form and function.

Residential Design & DevelopmentHome Designer Vancouver

  • Building Design for new single family, multi-family or renovation projects
  • Laneway Home design
  • 3D modelling at the preliminary design stage
  • Development Potential Overview reports - know your options before you buy a property?
  • Marketing materials - writing, branding and graphic artwork
  • Technical writing - Development agreements, bylaws, design guidelines, etc.
  • Site concept plans

Interior Design ServicesCustom New Home Plans

  • Commercial interiors for restuarants, spas, hospitality, offices, retail, etc....
  • Conceptual 3D renderings of interiors, furniture, etc.
  • Themed interiors from cartoon worlds to medieval blacksmith shops
  • Customized art and themed elements - from concept to completed form
  • In-house large colour format printing for "blueprints" or presentation mateials

Unique Projects

We're never afraid to talk about even the largest or craziest ideas! If you can conceive of it, we can most likely bring it to reality. Versatile Design Works draws on many professionals and creatives from countless disciplines. Whether your ideas involve used aircraft parts, rubber molds, steel sculpture or your dream installation art piece, let us make it happen for you. We truly are Versatile.